Our Favorite Events

Fanfare’s staff has nearly 60 years of event experience. We KNOW events. When you call and speak to someone at Fanfare, you are speaking with someone who loves live events, goes to live events as a fan, and has an understanding of what makes an experience great. We thought it would be fun to share … Continue reading Our Favorite Events


How to Pick Your Football Seats

The best way to watch a football game is to see it live but if you're new to seeing live games it can be overwhelming figuring out which seats to pick. Here are some helpful ways to decide where to sit. Our staff is very familiar with the venues and we are always happy to … Continue reading How to Pick Your Football Seats

What does it mean when a show is postponed?

Everyone has had to cancel an obligation at some point whether it's calling in sick to work, rescheduling a meeting, or cancelling plans with a friend. Life gets in the way of our plans sometimes. Our favorite artists and performers are no exception to having plans ruined by unforeseen circumstances. Most recently, Chris Stapleton postponed his … Continue reading What does it mean when a show is postponed?

6 reasons why tickets make the best gifts

1. Tickets are perfect for the person who has everything.  Everyone has that person in their life who already has everything and coming up with something to give them is a daunting task. Clothing and jewelry aren't memorable enough and they already have all of the latest technology. No object seems like it is enough anyway. … Continue reading 6 reasons why tickets make the best gifts