COVID-19 & Live Events

dont panic coverBy now, COVID-19 has affected pretty much every aspect of our daily lives. Stores are closing, travel is restricted, events are postponed and it’s getting hard to keep track of what everything means. Fanfare Tickets is here to help sort out the chaos around what happens when your events are postponed, cancelled, and suspended.


Currently, most events are being labeled as “postponed” but no new date announced. This means that your event will take place, but at a later date that will be announced when more is known about scheduling. Tickets you purchased for the original show will be valid for the new date and you are not eligible for a refund. Examples: Elton John, Billie Eilish, Michael Buble, Cats, Kentucky Derby etc. 


Unfortunately, in some cases events are cancelled or not performed in front of spectators. While this is an extremely disappointing situation, it is done under only the most extreme circumstances. When an event is cancelled it means that it will not occur in the future and the tickets you have are no longer valid. Additionally, you will qualify for a full refund of your purchase, but may be asked to return your tickets to the point of purchase to receive your refund. Examples: NCAA events, Supercross, Big Ten Tournament, Miami Open etc.


A suspension of a league or sport is a little more tricky. When something is suspended due to a public health crisis it could be postponed or cancelled, it’s still too early to give a definitive answer. Sporting events are the center of American culture and all aspects need to be carefully weighed and considered before action can be taken. In this instance, hold onto your tickets because they might be valid and you will be eligible for a refund it is decided that the game will not be played on any date. Examples: NBA, NHL, MLB. XFL, MLS.



The world is dealing with a lot of uncertainty and it can be overwhelming. While events are changing to accommodate public health concerns, eventually it will turn around. Until then, Fanfare Tickets is here to help keep you up to date with the latest event information and keep a positive outlook on the future. Call or email us with any questions you have about your event!


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