Fanfare Tickets FAQ

FAQ headerFinding the right deal for the right seat can be confusing! At Fanfare Tickets we aim to provide excellent customer service and readily available answers to all of your questions. Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions to help make the process a little bit easier.

Is it less expensive for me to come into the office and buy tickets?

The price of the ticket in our office is the same price that you would pay through our website. The main difference is that we can sometimes save you shipping costs if you call/stop in, and we quote you the “all-in” price that you see when you are at the checkout screen of the website – not the initial price shown on the event page.

Why do I see the same seats listed somewhere else cheaper?

We keep our tickets listed at a competitive price to ensure that you get the best value. Often times if you see a similar ticket listed cheaper on another resale site, it’s because they hit you with large service fees at checkout and your final price increases by upwards of 35%. On our website, the initial price that you see may be slightly higher than other sites, but we have a straightforward 15% fee which brings the final price to a lower amount than the other resale sites. In other words, when comparing ticket prices make sure to compare the final checkout price point!

If I wait it out, will the prices go down?

Unfortunately there is not a definitive answer to this question. Prices in the resale market are highly dependent on demand and the type of event. It is certainly possible that prices will decrease closer to the show, but your seating options will be more limited as well. Our best suggestion is to keep an eye on our website or give us a call to find current pricing for every event.

Why are there worse seats listed at a higher price?

We list a lot of tickets on behalf of the original seller, and they have the ability to list those tickets at whatever price they feel is right for the market, it is not necessarily a reflection on the quality of seat.

How does mobile ticketing work?

Mobile tickets can only be shown on a smartphone for entry, and come in two forms: a screenshot or a mobile transfer.

A mobile screenshot is a picture that is emailed or texted to your smartphone. You need to pull up that picture for the usher to scan at the gate. If you are attending with multiple people, you can send the individual pictures but each ticket can only be scanned once.

A mobile transfer is a link that will be sent to your email. You will need to click the link and follow the instructions to accept the tickets into your team/ticket account (Ticketmaster, MLB, NFL, etc). In order to use the ticket it will need to be added to your “Apple Wallet” or use the corresponding team/ticket app – a screenshot will not be valid.

I ordered tickets for an event – how do I get them?

As soon as your ticket is available, we will get it to you via whatever delivery method is available. When you’re ordering online, the delivery method for each ticket is listed in the notes. If the ticket group is not noted as being “mobile” or “e-ticket”, that means it is a physical ticket that will be shipped or available for pickup in our office.

I bought tickets and I can’t go to the event – can I return them?

While we don’t offer an option to “return” tickets, we do have several options to help you with tickets you are unable to use. We can offer you a price to buy your tickets outright based off of the current market value – this quote is good for 24 hours, after that we would need to re-evaluate based off of the new market. In some cases we also offer consignment – we list the tickets on your behalf and you receive 85% of whatever the final sale price is.

Why is there someone else’s name on my ticket?

The name shown on a ticket is the name of the original buyer and does not impact your ability to use the ticket. Unless it is a special circumstance (which we would assist with), anyone can use the ticket regardless of the name.

Why doesn’t my ticket have a barcode?

Starting this year some venues have switched to a “smart chip” ticket. This is a smaller ticket than you might be used to and uses a chip inside of the ticket to store the barcode – there is nothing externally printed. This helps limit the possibility of duplicate or reprinted tickets.

Mobile tickets also do not have a traditional barcode, instead they use a QR code. This is a square image on your mobile ticket that is used for entry. For some mobile tickets, mostly in NFL stadiums, they use a “rolling barcode” which changes every so often, eliminating the possibility for screenshots and duplicated tickets.

Call, visit our website, or stop by our Carmel office and we’d be happy to answer any other questions you may have!

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