19 Reasons the 2019 Colts Are The Best In The Business

colts fanfare.png

We are less than one month away from the start of the 2019-2020 Colts season and now is the best time to start showing our boys some hometown support! Below is a list of the top 19 reasons why the Colts are going to be the best in the league and win Superbowl LIV!

  1. A
  2. N
  3. D
  4. R
  5. E
  6. W
  7. The Colts have added key defensive players to the team
  8. A
  9. U
  10. S
  11. T
  12. E
  13. N
  14. We have been in the Super Bowl the last 2 times it has been held in Miami
  15. L
  16. U
  17. C
  18. K
  19. Colts fans are the best fans #ColtsNation

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