Top 10 Eco-Friendly Concert Tips

header earth day.pngAs the summer concert season approaches it is important to remember to save the earth too! We’ve compiled a list of the best ways to stay cool and be eco-friendly while attending your favorite events this summer!

  1. Upcycle Your Wardrobe

    • Instead of buying new outfits for every concert, re-purpose an outfit that you already have or buy one from your favorite local resale shop!
  2. Ditch the strawsReusable-Straw-Review-01082018

    • Bring your own reusable straw to events and cut down on plastic waste while sipping your favorite summer drinks!
  3. Bring Your Own Water Bottle

    • A lot of venues and summer event will let you bring in your own reusable water bottle to fill up once you’re inside. This saves you money on concessions and saves the environment from excess plastic!
  4. #Trashtag

    • Spend a day cleaning up your local parks and green spaces (and even concert venues!) to preserve the space for future uses!
  5. Choose Environmentally Conscious Beverages

    • Water is great, but sometimes you need something a little stronger. Consider drinking wine and beer from local or environmentally conscious vineyards and breweries for the biggest impact!
  6. Stay Unplugged Longer with the Sun10-e1555957030902.jpg

    • Make sure your phone always has enough charge for the perfect social media post with a solar powered battery pack. It will keep your phone charged without having to miss your favorite song trying to find an outlet!
  7. Save the Fish and Your Skin

    • Make sure to use non-toxic sunscreen while you’re attending outdoor concerts to prevent pollution of our lakes and oceans!
  8. Exercise and Cut Down Emissions

    • Take advantage of the weather and consider making the swap to public transportation and good ol’ fashion walking when going to events all summer long!
  9. Bring Your Own Bags

    • 101945430.jpgSnacking is one of the most important meals of the day, especially when you’re dancing the night away! Make the switch to reusable silicone or canvas bags to pack your delicious treats instead of ziploc or plastic bags!
  10. Plan an Epic Staycation

    • Indianapolis has plenty of events to offer all summer long that will save you on travel costs and fossil fuels. Check out for a full list of what’s happening near you!

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