20 Things To Do Instead Of Watching The Patriots Win Another Super Bowl

colts blur

It’s no secret that Indianapolis Colts fans do NOT like the New England Patriots. If you’re looking for something to do this Sunday instead of watching the Patriots win another Super Bowl, you are in luck! You can….

  1. Never use social media again

  2. Talk to a telemarketer for 5 hours

  3. Be allergic to your favorite food

  4. Have a porcupine for eyebrows

  5. Eat 100 stink bugs

  6. Listen to Nickleback exclusively for the rest of your life

  7. Walk over Lego’s for 10 miles

  8. Brush your teeth with hot sauce

  9. Let a toddler give you a haircut

  10. Stand outside in -10 degree weather all night

  11. Listen to your voice after its been recorded

  12. Have Cheetos for fingers

  13. Get punched in the face by a kangaroo

  14. Communicate only through memes

  15. Buy tickets to Fyre Festival

  16. Get a tattoo of Weird Al Yankovic on your face

  17. Chew on tinfoil

  18. Let a stranger cough in your mouth

  19. Only take cold showers the rest of your life

  20. Become a temporary LA Rams fan

If all else fails, you can always attend your other favorite events while waiting for The Colts to play again in August!


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