What I’ve Learned About Buying Tickets



  1. Actually call us:
    When buying tickets, it is really easy to just price shop around and compare between a few sites and just buy based on price or desired section. Honestly unless you’re extremely familiar with the venue or the event, you should call because chances are there are seats that are a great value you’re not considering, it’s not the right time to buy, or we can access tickets that you wouldn’t be able to buy yourself. Everyone at Fanfare is dedicated fans. We go to a ton of events and we know what we’re talking about. Just call us and we can help you find the best option! We will walk you through the views and experience of each section.person holding blue card
    When you compare prices across different websites, it is really easy to just window shop but you really won’t know the price until the checkout screen when the service fees are added. Even if the tickets are listed at a lower price on another website, they might have higher service fees. Fanfare consistently has lower fees than other re-sellers. Don’t get trapped paying more for nothing.


person holding white mini bell alarmclock
3. Timing is crucial:
The ticket industry is a roller coaster of a market. I have seen prices change drastically overnight. There’s not always a rhyme or reason to it and there’s no way to predict it; if there was our job would be a lot easier! Customers always tell us “I’ll just wait until the last minute for prices to go down.” Sometimes that is your best bet especially with shows/games that are not selling well. This mentality is mostly best when you are on the fence about going and you won’t be upset if you miss it, if it’s a general admission show, or if you want seats that are in the balcony or far away. Sometimes this completely backfires though. I’ve seen tickets for LAWN shows going for $150 the day of the show. This brings me back to my first point, ask the experts. We can try to help you time your purchase to help you get the best options.


4. Don’t worry about “face value”. 
I get asked what the face value on tickets is all the time and what these tickets originally cost. Questions like this are complicated since we acquire tickets through different means. In some instances we get tickets at a different rate because of the volume of tickets we buy or through having a season membership that has additional fees. The other thing to keep in mind is that the face value is not market value. This can mean that you pay a lot less than you would at the box office. The other side of this is that sometimes you will pay more when the event is sold out at the box office. At that point though, you wouldn’t be able to see the event anyway so you can either choose to pay more or just not see it and you haven’t lost anything.


5. Location, location, location:
Most of this will depend on what type of experience you want or what specific event you’re attending. A general rule of thumb is closer is better but there are exceptions. When picking your seat consider these things: closeness to stage, angle, where you are in the section, and where you are in the row. So ideally you will be in a low row in a low section. However in some cases, it is better to be in the lowest row of the balcony than the highest row of the club level and so on. It’s less obstructed and you have a view looking down at the stage/field. The next thing to consider is the angle. Typically, you want to have a straight on view for shows at Ruoff and the Murat and you want to be on the sides of the stage for Bankers Life. The exception to this is at Murat some of the best seats are in the royalty section. The royalty section is directly above the main floor, so you’re close to the stage but you’re looking downwards and have so many less people in front of you. The royalty section is by far my favorite place to sit for shows at Murat.


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6. Invest in parking:
I used to never care about just finding a parking spot downtown and walking to the venue but after having premium parking passes, I can never go back. The valet and surface lots at Murat are both so close and convenient. The premium parking and at Ruoff is literally a non-negotiable for me though. Here’s the trick to maximizing the value: Buy a premium parking pass even if you don’t have wristbands because even though you won’t be able to enter the venue through the VIP area, you can exit through it. When you’re entering, you can just walk around to the main entrance and wait in the line, no big deal but after the show you are going to want to get out and beat the traffic. The VIP parking lets you out ahead of everyone and you’re literally on the road in just a few minutes instead of battling everyone in the parking lot.


7. Brand loyalty goes a long way:
Just like with airlines or banks, it pays to have a good relationship with us. Fanfare doesn’t have a rigid structure to our customer rewards program like if you buy 9 tickets you get your tenth free or anything like that, but there are unique benefits to working with us regularly. The first being that you will get access to special Fanfare events at the Speedway and our VIP parties. We will also offer you special multi-game deals and special event add-ons to upgrade your experience. The biggest benefit though is the personalized customer service. We will walk you through everything. You can call us, come to our office, chat on our website, email us, text us, and even slide into our DMs.


8. Real fans travel:
Indianapolis is truly the crossroads of America. Did you know that Indiana is within a 12 hour drive to almost HALF of the country? When I want to see a show I will look in other cities to see if other dates work better for me, if the tickets are cheaper, and to see if there are better seats in other cities. For example if you want to see Hamilton, you will spend less money in Chicago than you would in New York. So if you can’t see your favorite artist where you live, don’t be afraid to broaden your search. Our website is actually a really great planning tool because you can browse events by city, artist/team, or specifically by venue.

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