Snapchat Etiquette for Concerts


    Can we please leave this behind in 2018? This is the biggest rule because we get it, you are excited for the concert. No one understands your love for live events like us but if your friends wanted to see the concert, they would have got tickets too! It’s loud, the sound quality isn’t as good via Snapchat and your videography skills are amateur at best.
  2. Don’t sing along while you’re recording
    I have been guilty of this for sure! I thought oh the concert is so loud, no one will hear me singing. WRONG. The concert is louder than me but I’m directly in front of the microphone so it’s picking up every second of my horrible singing. This just ruins the snap and even if you’re a good singer, you sound horrible because you’re just barely off.Image result for bad singing gif
  3. Don’t post horizontal snaps.
    Every platform has their ideal picture format. Landscapes work great on Facebook and sometimes on Instagram but they are just not ideal for Snapchat because as silly as it sounds, no one wants to flip their phone to see your picture.
    Related image

Now that we’ve covered the don’ts,
here’s a guide of what to do.

Related image

-1 Photo of your tickets/the outside the venue.
-1 selfie
-1 photo of the concert
-1 video of 20 seconds or less inside.
-1 photo or video of something really cool or unique happening.

You can definitely take more pictures and videos to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. In fact, if you post your pictures and tag us you can win a $25 gift certificate!

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