Our Favorite Events of 2018


“My favorite event this year was seeing Ringo Starr with my son Jake. My son is my favorite concert buddy and I love that we bond over the same music. It was a great show and we had so much fun.”


“Going to the French Open was by far my favorite event of the year. I love traveling and it was a lot of fun watching my favorite sport in another country.”


“Wicked was by far the best Broadway Play I have ever seen (And I have seen a few). The seats were great and the performance was incredible.”


“I am a huge Pacers fan and go to a lot of home and away games but my favorite game this year was the game in Oakland. It was a lot of fun exploring California but seeing my favorite team win in another city was the best part.”


“This summer I went to Germany and I saw Aladdin the musical which was amazing. Aladdin was always my favorite Disney movie so seeing the Broadway adaptation was incredible even though I don’t speak any German. My favorite part was when he sang “A Whole New World” because he took her vunder by vunder.”


“Seeing Halsey on the lawn this year was the highlight of my year, possibly of my life. I love her so much so getting to see her live with my friends was amazing. It was the perfect summer concert.”


“My husband is from Cincinnati and is a big FC Cincy fan so when they played the Indy Eleven at Lucas Oil Stadium we went with a big group of friends to see the game. It was so much fun to go in our FC gear and sing all the fight songs. “

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