10 New Years Resolutions for 2019

shallow focus photography of man in white shirt1. Live in the Moment
After Christmas is over, focus less on buying presents and more on being present. Going to live events is a great way to refocus your energy and attention to really embracing the moment. Live events only happen once and every performance/game is completely unique. Embrace that and see more live events!

bluefacepaint.png2. Be More Supportive
Paint your face, make a sign, scream as loud as you can. They can’t hear you cheer from the couch so be supportive by showing up and cheering as loud as you can.

realfanstravel3. Travel More
Real fans travel! Use your fandom as an excuse to see the world. Go see away games, follow your favorite artist on tour and see them in a city you’ve never seen before. The world is your oyster, go explore.

women's black tank top4. Be More Spontaneous
What’s holding you back? Buy those last minute tickets. We have tons of e-tickets and mobile tickets that make buying last minute tickets easy.

group of people during daytime5. Be More Active
Dancing is a great workout. Going to concerts regularly is also a lot more fun than going to the gym.

Image result for colts fans6. Spend More Time with the people that matter most.
Spending time with friends and family is extremely important. Make your quality time even more unforgettable by attending fun events together. Who you go with is as important as who you see. Sign up for our referral program to earn $10 for every referral you make!

person holding pink ceramic pig coin bank7. Save Money
Stop throwing away money on high service fees and overpriced tickets. You can also earn extra money by referring your friends to Fanfare, sharing your pictures and tagging Fanfare, and by selling your tickets to events you can’t attend!

person holding remote pointing at TV8. Watch Less TV
Stop living vicariously through others. Experience things for yourself. See that show, go to that game.

Image result for tailgate party9. Learn to Cook
Check out our Pinterest board for great tailgating recipes to get you started!

fanfare-tickets-wicked10. Learn More About Music, Art, and Culture
Get out of your comfort zone, try something new. Fanfare has tickets to a wide variety of shows beyond concerts. There are Broadway shows, musicals, ballets, and speaker series in Indianapolis and around the country! The point of the story is this: You should really be buying your event tickets from Fanfare.


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