3 More Halloween Costumes That are Actually Scary



1. A Confusing Venue Map

What is the most important factor to guarantee your event experience? Location, location, location! Seat location that is. Some venues are really easy to navigate but some can be really overwhelming. What is a loge? What’s the difference between the dress circle and the mezzanine?  Even if you can understand it, if you’ve never seen it in person then you might not even know which seats are good. We have extensive experience with the venues locally and around the country. Call us or come in to our office so we can do the work and find the best seats for you! Spend less time finding your seats and more time enjoying them.

2. A Phone Recording

Robots are great in theory. We all love Rosie from the Jetsons but it can be really frustrating when you need help to not have the option to talk to a real person. Sometimes you need really specific help or sometimes its just a quick question. Whatever you need, we are always here to help in person, over the phone, or online.

Image result for moneybags costume

3. Being the person to buy your group’s tickets up front.

Going to an event is better with friends but it can be really hard to buy tickets as a group. Typically one person gets tasked with buying all the tickets up front and getting reimbursed after the fact to guarantee the seats are together. It’s always awkward waiting for friends to pay you back, constantly checking Venmo, and trying not to bug them when it feels like it’s been a while since you bought them. It’s so much better to just call us and set everyone up to pay for their own tickets.


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