5 Halloween Costumes that are ACTUALLY scary.



Witches, ghosts, and monsters have been the go-to scary costumes for years but they’re all costumes based on things that are mythical. This year, try something more creative with one of our five costumes. These costumes are scary because they are real. Aahhhhh.

1. Fake Ticket 

The most frequently asked question is “Are these tickets real?” Fanfare guarantees every ticket sold is authentic. We will never sell a ticket that does not have a valid bar code or has been duplicated. We stand by every ticket we sell. It is truly scary to spend money on tickets and to still be turned away at the gate.


2. A Sold Out Event

It is so exciting to see your favorite artist come to town but it is heartbreaking to see that the event is sold out. Events are rarely completely sold out. Fanfare has access to great tickets for just about every event.


3. Throwing Away Money on High Service Fees

A lot of people ask why they should buy tickets through Fanfare as opposed to other ticket resellers. One of the biggest reasons is that we have extremely low service fees and price our tickets extremely competitively.

The best way to experience your favorite events is to be there. It’s no fun being forced to live vicariously through your friends’ feeds. You will be haunted by these pictures and be constantly reminded of how much fun you could have had! Maybe you missed out because you didn’t know the event was coming to town. Sign up for our newsletter or follow us on social media to stay in the loop!


5. Long Line at the Box Office

Get all of your friends to stand together and you can be the long lines at the box office! Standing in line at the box office takes hours. You sit around waiting for hours just to stand in line for longer and you’re still not guaranteed good seats. Skip the box office and buy your tickets through Fanfare. We take care of all the worst parts to make ticket buying easy and painless. Spend less time getting tickets and spend more time enjoying your event.



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