How to Pick Your Football Seats


The best way to watch a football game is to see it live but if you’re new to seeing live games it can be overwhelming figuring out which seats to pick. Here are some helpful ways to decide where to sit. Our staff is very familiar with the venues and we are always happy to help answer any questions or help you choose seats. If you have any questions you can always call our office: 317-876-3338

  1. Decide what it is you would like to accomplish.

    The three main variables to rank in importance will be if you want the best view of the game, the best experience, or if the seats that are all together. The way that you weight the importance of these factors will be how to navigate which seats are best for you.

  2. Decide on a budget and how many people are going. 

    The first way to narrow down your options is to eliminate the ones out of your budget. Then establish how many people are going with you. Not every section will have enough seats for your group to sit together so if that is important, another great way to narrow it down is to eliminate the sections that don’t have enough seats for your group. If there are not enough seats all together in a row, you could “piggyback” your seats and sit one row apart but in the same seat numbers. You could also separate the group into smaller groups and just sit nearby each other in the same section. Both of these options are actually more ideal for large groups because if four people sit in front and four people sit in back, it is easier for everyone to talk to each other than it is for one long row of eight people to talk to each other.

  3. Decide which view is most important to you.

    For football, the best seats are along the sideline closest to the 50 yard line with a low row. Those seats are also the most expensive seats. The lowest row is not actually the best vantage point for seeing the entire game but it makes for the most unique experience because you can hear players and coaches talking, pads hitting each other, and other unique sights and sounds. The higher rows will have a more complete view of the game. It’s personal preference as far as which view is better but asking what it is that you would like to accomplish is the best way to figure out which will be best for you.

    Sometimes there will be affordable options if you choose one of those views instead of both. If you are visually impaired it might be more important to sit closer up with a less centered view. Some people would rather sit further away if it means that they have a full sideline view. This really comes down to personal preference and individual circumstances. Seats in either end zone are typically the entry point for pricing.

  4. Decide which side of the stadium would you like to sit on.

    The stadium is divided by two sides: Home and Away. Typically, the away side at stadiums is less expensive than the home side. If you are a home team fan, it might be most important for your experience to be surrounded by fellow fans and vice versa if you are travelling to see the away team. However if budget or best view are more heavily weighted than sitting on the Away side could be your best option.



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