What does it mean when a show is postponed?

Everyone has had to cancel an obligation at some point whether it’s calling in sick to work, rescheduling a meeting, or cancelling plans with a friend. Life gets in the way of our plans sometimes. Our favorite artists and performers are no exception to having plans ruined by unforeseen circumstances. Most recently, Chris Stapleton postponed his tour due to a hand injury but what exactly does it mean when an artist postpones a show? Here are some answers to our most frequently asked questions about postponed events.

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1. Does this mean that the show is cancelled?

When a show is cancelled, it means that the show is not happening and there is not another show scheduled. When a show is postponed it is not officially cancelled, it is just being rescheduled. The new rescheduled date is usually not announced immediately.

2. Will I get a refund?

When a show is cancelled, a refund will be automatically issued. When a show is postponed, a refund is not issued but the tickets purchased will be valid for the rescheduled show. It is at the discrepancy of the artist and venue whether they will refund tickets.

3. What are my options if I cannot attend the show on the rescheduled date?

In the event that a refund is not available, Fanfare has options for selling your ticket back to us or listing your ticket on consignment. These options will vary based on the specific event.


If you have any questions or concerns you can always contact us:

phone: 317-876-3338
email: sales@fanfaretickets.com


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