6 reasons why tickets make the best gifts

1. Tickets are perfect for the person who has everything. 
Everyone has that person in their life who already has everything and coming up with something to give them is a daunting task. Clothing and jewelry aren’t memorable enough and they already have all of the latest technology. No object seems like it is enough anyway. So instead of finding an object, find a show or a game they would enjoy and take them to see that instead!

2. Events are more memorable than material possessions.
As stated previously, objects are easily forgotten but they will always remember the time you took them to see their favorite band perform or favorite team play. You will have memories about everything from the event itself to the memories you make before or after the show too.

3. Quality time is the most valuable gift you can give.
This can go two ways. One way can be you giving your loved one a ticket to the event and going with them to spend time together. The other way can be giving the recipient a pair of tickets to go with their significant other, friend, parent, etc. This is a great way to knock two people off of your list at once.

4. This doubles as a night out for yourself.
If you decide to go with your loved one to the event you are also treating yourself to a night out and after the stress of the holidays, you deserve a night out to let off some steam too!

5. Tickets are personal and make a big impact.
Whenever you ask someone for help coming up with a gift, the person’s first question is usually “Well what do they like?” You know their favorite bands and their favorite sports teams but a mug with a logo on it or a piece of fan merchandise just doesn’t seem to be a big enough present. Tickets are perfect because it shows that you know the person well and tickets to a game or concert are a sure fire way to make your loved one feel special.

6. Tickets may actually be a cheaper alternative.
Depending on what item you were looking to buy and what event you want to go see, you may end up spending less on tickets than you would have spent on a material object. There are plenty of inexpensive concerts or inexpensive games that could cost you less than $50 a pair.


A Fanfare gift certificate makes a great alternative if you want to let someone pick which event they would like to attend.

 photo GIFTCARDCOLTS_zps3utgi6mr.png


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