7 Things to Bring to Every Concert


Going to see your favorite band live is so exciting that sometimes you forget to take a step back to prepare. Here’s a list of things you’ll want to make sure you have for any concert you go to. 


1. A Cross body bag or small drawstring backpack. 
A great cross body bag or small drawstring backpack is perfect for concerts because they are lightweight and keep your hands free. They’re also better because they stay on your body making them easy to keep track of. A large backpack is really unnecessary. It will only get in the way and weigh you down. It’s much harder to weave through crowds with a large backpack. Lastly, it will take up a lot of time at the security check point. That’s time you should be using to get a spot closer to the stage!!

For outfit inspiration and purse options, check out our Concert Fashion boards on Pinterest:



2. Hand Sanitizer 

This is an absolute essential for outdoor concerts but even with indoor concerts there are a lot of sweaty people, all of their germs, and it can get gross. Plus if you fall and get your hands or legs dirty, it’s so much easier to put some hand sanitizer on it and move on than to leave your spot and your friends to go all the way to the bathroom, wait in line, and then try to trek through the crowds to find your friends again. Invest in a portable hand sanitizer holder that can just clip on to the outside of your bag so you don’t have to dig through your purse in the dark with dirty hands.

Image result for portable phone charger

3. Portable Phone Charger 
Do your best to go to the concert with a fully charged phone but with the pre-concert pictures, scrolling through your newsfeeds to kill time before the show, and pictures of the opening act, your battery will deplete fast. You’ll want to make sure to have battery to capture your favorite moments. Having a charged phone is also important because you will need it in case you get separated from your group! A portable charger is worth every penny because you can charge your phone without having to search for a plug. You can also use one battery to charge multiple phones. Just make sure that the battery is charged before the concert!
Image result for outdoor concert
4. Cheap sunglasses

Obviously you want to look nice for the concert but with large crowds of people jumping around, dancing, and drinking, you are risking your sunglasses falling and being crushed. You definitely want to bring a pair but bring your gas station glasses and leave the Ray-Bans at home.

Image result for extra rubber bands and bobby pinsImage result for extra ponytail holder

5. Extra Rubberbands/ Bobby Pins
You’re dancing around, singing along to your favorite songs when someone brushes up against you trying to find their friends and messed up your pony tail. No worries, you’ll just take it down and fix it real quick. Then BAM! Your rubberband snaps. There is nothing more frustrating than being hot and sweaty but not being able to tie your hair up. Just bring extra rubberbands. This extends to bobby pins! You don’t need to go crazy, just bring a few as back ups.
Image result for cash purse

6. Extra Cash
Sometimes the signal in concert venues is off and their credit card machines don’t work, sometimes you run into cash-only vendors, sometimes parking is cash-only. There are so many random scenarios that can come up. Be prepared with extra cash to cover any situation.

Image result for sharpie

7. Sharpie and something to sign
This one is not as much of a necessity but IF the opportunity arose where you could get an autograph, it would be a shame if you didn’t have something to get autographed. The likelihood of a big performer like Adele is likely not going to be someone you bump into on your way out but for smaller artists/smaller venues it is not unreasonable to think you may bump into the members of the opening act at the bar after their set or something. Even if the opportunity never presents itself, it will never hurt you to carry around a sharpie.

concert .png

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